Like A Surgeon

Start your day cutting.
You’ll feel better after the blood letting.
Where to start?
The incision mark.

Drag your scalpel
across the clavicle
and unsheathe
the breathing beast.

Saw through the mineral
deposits. Crack the case and explore the fertile
cavern. Siphon energy
in metered time.

Stroke the circuits.
Prod the conduits.
Search without seeing.
Fondle the sanguine

sinew, the striations
ribbing the lush meat.
Absorb the warmth beneath
the protective fat. Hold the chord.

Feel its electricity
and gravity. Replace everything
as you found it.
The body forever changed by your interference.

Release the clamps and return
the blood home. One final inspection
before the sutures and staples
clinch restoration.

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