Good. Are you nervous? Don’t be. I’m here to help. This will all be over shortly. Now sit up. Stick your chin out for me? Tilt your neck about five degrees to your left. Your other left. Great. Push your glasses up a bit? How does that feel? You don’t mind the flash, do you? Lean forward. With your whole body. Back is nice and straight. Keep your neck long. Chin up? Open your eyes just a bit more. Hold it. We’re going to change the light on your side. Don’t move.

Alright, can you smile for me? Use your teeth. A little bit more. No, that’s too far. No gums. Think of something funny. Don’t laugh. You’re slouching. Chin up? OK now where’s that megawatt smile? There it is. Keep your neck long for me? Elongated neck. You’re gorgeous. Look at you preen. Now close your eyes and open them and stare straight past me on three. Hold your smile.

You look wonderful. You can keep your hands as they are. Feet flat. Your chin and forehead should jut out about the same distance. Now close your eyes until three. One-two-three. Good. Again. Smile for me? Good! You’re doing great. Eyes open on one-two-three. Good. You’re a natural. Stay right there. Back straight. Chin on a ledge. Close your eyes and again. One-two-three.