The Scarlet Letter

Dan, I can’t stop thinking of you. Everywhere I go, there you are. Soon, the realness of you will fade and the memory will dim. Soon cannot come soon enough. I want for a restoration, not a resolution. I want to show you these weaves. I want to interlace my fingers with yours. I want to hold you close — a fine mesh. Interlock with me and form a tapestry. In many ways, we are one. Until. Except. You pulled the thread and unraveled us both. A knotted mess remains where art once hung. From the vestiges of this heap, something beautiful will come through.

I need you. Maybe this was all of you. Maybe the truth we gleaned was enough. Maybe the length of our relationship has passed. I want more, ever more, but it’s your prerogative to give. I will heal and move on. A new work awaits. My greatest days are yet to come. I pray and wait.