Week 3

Third function

I can tell you, the time has passed and this is unfortunately going to end, the learning has been continuous, day by day, which I would love to live longer, to explore in more depth the new philosophy with which the agency wants to project , But as long as I continue here, I will take the time that remains to fill my head with new knowledge and experiences. I have been involved in different projects, for different brands, as I had already told you, I really like to know how these projects are covered here, as it is very similar to how we work in HAVAS TRIBU Costa Rica, each agency has its way of doing it And that’s what motivates me even more, learning new processes, it’s like exercising, the more you do the better you will have, so nothing, to work hard.

This program has excited me a lot, it has taken me to demand to the maximum, both to couple to a new country, a new city and a new experience in my career in an agency that I did not know, “give it everything”, as we say there, I can only say good things about HAVAS LOFTS, I would like to experience it every year, meet new people, experience new cultures and, best of all, go back to my country and agency with my head full of new learning that I will implement with my team, the agency.

And well, I could not let it happen too, this week started Cannes Lions Festival, the excitement is inexplicable, several people are here and well, here I have worked to nothing more and nothing less than the winners of GRAND PRIX in Cannes Cyber 2016, Jesus and his team, which has been an incomparable experience, summarized simply in MOTIVATION to work harder.

And well I think I took it very literally to talk about work and other things, but what I can tell you, the emotion I have is inexplicable, to work with the talent here, to live the Cannes Lions here, from another point of view, Compared to how we live it in Costa Rica, we are also very apathetic, but as I said before, everyone has his way of looking at it and I love it.

And well yes, I have also met Madrid, hehe … SPECTACULAR !!!!!

Ok. Here I am, living this magnificent and enriching experience called HAVAS LOFTS, wishing it does not end.

We’ll see you have next week …