What is a Jackpots Casino?

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By a jackpots casino we mean an online casino site with certification where you can win lots of jackpots without forgetting the fun of playing. We are not referring to the Australian online casino, which offers hardly any really high jackpots apart from the Australian Jackpot. The Australian Jackpot is more for the offer in local Australian casinos. But here you can get all the information about the best jackpot casino games in the selection of online casinos.

Jackpots in brick-and-mortar and online casinos

Of course, there are also one or two jackpots that are paid out at random in bricks-and-mortar Australian casinos. However, the stationary jackpot sums can only dream of the heights reached by the selection of online jackpots, even in terms of gaming fun.

At the Australian casino in Sydney, you at least have the chance to win the Australian Jackpot and the Royal Jackpot in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. There is also a Mystery Jackpot, the Söchsilüüte Jackpot and the Cash Connection Jackpot from Novoline, which is also available online. Finally, you can also hope to win the Fu Lai Cai Lai and Duo Fu Duo Cai jackpots.

In the online casino, we differentiate between fixed, networked and progressive jackpots. The fixed jackpots either have fixed amounts or a multiple of the player’s stake. Networked jackpots are always progressive jackpots, as is the case with Novomatic’s Cash Connection. Here, several slot machines with the same casino games are linked together and collect for the jackpot.

Progressive jackpots are so called because they keep increasing until the jackpot online casino pays out the total winnings. Then it starts again with a certain minimum amount. The collection of winnings works in such a way that a proportion of the stakes placed by all players on these slot machines goes into the jackpot with every spin.

We would like to briefly mention a distinction, especially with jackpot slot machines, but also with other games on offer. Some jackpots are paid out purely at random after any round of play, regardless of the player’s stake in the Jackpot Casino online.

Other jackpots require a certain winning combination for the player to be able to enjoy the payout. If in doubt, always ask customer support. Support is also called customer service.

How casino jackpots are calculated at Jackpots Casino

There are various models for calculating jackpots in the casino. In Cash Connection Golden Book of Ra there is an interesting system for the additional chance of winning. In the so-called Lock & Spin feature in the Book of Ra slot with Cash Connection, special spherical symbols appear which, in the best case, indicate one of the four jackpots.

The special thing about these Cash Connection jackpots is that there are two normal progressive jackpots called Grand and Major. However, the other two jackpots activate 25 or 10 free spins in this Cash Connection slot. The name Cash Connection already indicates that this is a networked jackpot.

Other jackpots in the game selection, such as fixed jackpots, are calculated as a multiple of the stake. The slot games from Playson also have four jackpots in the Empire Gold slot, as follows:

  • Grand 5,000x stake
  • Major 150x stake
  • Minor 50x stake
  • Mini 20x stake

In the legendary Mega Moolah from Games Global (formerly Microgaming), the jackpot is fuelled by 5.30% of the stakes placed by all players on all machines in all online casinos where the game is running. The four jackpots each have a fixed starting amount:

  • Mega € 2 million
  • Big € 10,000
  • Small €100
  • Mini €10

This is therefore a networked and progressive jackpot. However, there are also progressive jackpots that only collect part of the stakes for the jackpot in one machine. These include many games from Amusnet (formerly EGT), such as the game Extra Crown. Typically, the four card suits are used to denote the jackpots, with spades being the highest. This is followed by hearts, diamonds and finally clubs as the lowest jackpot.

The best jackpot slots in online casinos

Let’s move on to the best jackpot slots that you should definitely try out because they promise particularly high jackpots and high chances of winning in the cash games. The cash machines from Novoline with the Cash Connection are only in the midfield, but are also worth a game. But first, let’s take a look at the two legends on the Internet that have paid out the highest jackpots of all time to date. They deserve the best rating from our team.

This is the Mega Moolah from Games Global. However, the payouts were still made as Microgaming back then. The second legend among slot games is the Mega Fortune from NetEnt. NetEnt is now part of the Evolution Group. These were the legendary winnings in both games:

  • 1st place: Mega Moolah paid out an amount of €17,879,645 to player Jon Heywood from the UK on 6 October 2015. The lucky player had played with the minimum stake of just 25 cents and won. The winnings were subsequently entered in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • 2rd place: Mega Fortune paid out a prize of €17,861,800.47 in 2013 and was first entered in the Guinness Book of Records, but was then surpassed by Mega Moolah two years later. The brilliant thing is that there is a video of the jackpot win.

Other progressive jackpots that you should definitely try out are the Age of the Gods jackpots. There are already over 30 different games with the jackpot. This brings us to the next topic, because there are also games other than slots with the Age of the Gods jackpot, which all of our team give a good rating on every device, including for gameplay.

Other games with jackpots in the online casino

Even in the Blackjack Jackpots Online Casino you can win jackpots like in progressive Blackjack from Spin Games. Live Roulette Jackpots Online Casino also offers even more live casino games such as Age of the Gods: Roulette and Age of the Gods: Spin a Win. Imagine winning real money in roulette and a random generator adds a jackpot worth millions. However, there are many other games on offer that are not slot machines but still pay out high progressive jackpots and more after a deposit:

  • Pachinko 2 from Vibra Gaming
  • Double Double Jackpot Poker from Realtime Gaming
  • Premium Baccarat from Playtech
  • Supreme 777 Jackpots from Betsoft
  • Roulette Mega Moolah from Switch Studios

Conclusion on jackpots casino games

It’s worth trying your luck in the hunt for jackpots and enjoying the excitement, which is a lot of fun. You can’t usually play the games in demo mode just for fun. However, with a welcome bonus you can still try your luck for free when playing for a Cash Connection or other jackpot. To do this, claim the welcome bonus for your first deposit.



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