Is Donald J. Trump Channeling Jesse James?

Interesting… in watching a rerun of the second episode of Robert Redford’s “The West” I was intrigued with the section on Jesse James and his attraction to, and use of, the press to build his ‘fame’.

This took me to the Internet for one or more images that I might use in this piece, yet — even better — I came across an article by Casey Boggs of LTPR (

The following image found in the Boggs article.

Donald Trump in another life?

More important, to me, is the goal to learn from our past, mistakes or wins.

Jesse James wanted his public to believe his actions were due to the robber barons of the North, yet more likely an excuse. It is true, the South lost to the North and Jesse was fighting for the South. It is true, there were (and still are) plenty robber barons.

The Redford piece dramatizes James robbing a train and stealing from the innocent travelers. This certainly sounds like a Trump attribute. (where there is ‘smoke’… and there appears to be soooooooooo much ‘smoke’ when listening to the vendors he grossly, if at all, paid and those in the Trump University.)

Donald Trump has an election to lose, not win. If he can prove that he cares for others — outside of his family — he has a chance at an election. There is NOTHING in Trump’s past performances that give any indication of his positively thinking of others. Talk is cheap, action is required for all to learn.

Past performance/s, tell us Donald Trump knows how to sell, with intimidation for closing the sale. While this might work for an individual and their personal or business interests, his style does not work for representing me and my three hundred plus friends, relatives, co-workers and co-human beings living in the United States of America.

After all, we have enough to deal with in our congress! And, even if Trump is elected — as a republican and able to work with a republican congress — our country will be on rocky footing globally.

The above is but one item from my “Learning From Our Mistakes” Series.