Moving …

Three years ago I FADEd INto the student body of Colorado Film School as a part time student, working a crazy full time job. I cut sleep short to attend workshops when I could and luckily I found an upper level student who took me under his wing and got me on set between work and classes. It was a wonderful experience and got my feet really wet.

The first year went by slow but eventually I quit my job and dove in. The pay checks were nice but I’ve never been happier doing anything else.

The next two years blew by at Mach 2. Guess that happens when you are in classes year around. It was amazing — but time goes on.

Today I turned in my last assignment for my last class at CCA/ Colorado Film School. I didn’t do a final lap around the familiar halls. I talked to a friend and tried not to get emotional. (Just breathe)

I’ve spent the last three years of my life in that building, from Classes, to Filming, and a few different clubs. Gosh, I lost track how many hours I spent in the Cage building orders or other various tasks for Jim and faculty.

I’ll miss it.

Not as much as I’ll miss all the family I made there.

I’ve not been much for large going aways or farewells. (Being emotional in crowds SUCKS) I’d rather just …


(Yes I know it should be on the right side but I can’t move it easily on this site =P )

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I get emotional and eat my cold quesadilla.