Q. Within minutes of President Donald Trump’s announcement of an alleged raid that allegedly killed an alleged ISIS leader known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, skeptical commentary emerged. What is your summary appreciation?

A. Let me begin by saying that people I trust tell me that the raid was very real…

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I am not running for President. While I have been disappointed by unkept promises our President has been fighting the Deep State from Day One, and I believe he can and should be re-elected provided he…

Robert Steele: Is President Donald Trump’s Re-Election at Risk? YES!

Cultural Intelligence

A Roadmap for US-Russia Relations — An American View

Robert David Steele

Igor Ivanov’s recent article, “A Roadmap for Russia-U.S. Relations” provides a methodical Russian perspective of great value.[1]

What If We Could Bury the Deep State & Create Peace & Prosperity for All?

Robert David Steele

As I contemplate the possibilities of Xi Jinping as General Secretary for the People’s Republic of China, and both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump as Presidents of their respective countries, the Russian…

Beyond the banks, beyond party politics — modern public diplomacy…

American Herald Tribune, 4 February 2018 with permission. Original.

Two important commentaries have appeared recently that reflect on how Russia should deal with the United States of America (USA).

The first, “Russian Approaches to the United States: Algorithm Change Is…

If Mike Pompeo wants to commit virtual suicide and end his prospects of being an effective Secretary of State, three recent articles document his death wish — championship of a rogue intelligence network proposed by Erik Prince and beloved by Oliver North — both arguably ripe for indictment for crimes…

A strategic survey of possibilities, winners, losers…

Israel Plans War in February 2018

We now know that Benjamin Netanyahu believes he can command the votes in the US Congress to declare war and demand that our Secretary of Defense James Mattis introduce US forces including troops on the group in…

How the Deep State controls social media and digitally assassinates critics

Robert David Steele

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

This is a speculative account based on personal experience and broad reading. In no way is it a substitute for a…


Former spy, honorary hacker, top non-fiction reviewer, #UNRIG founder, seriously pissed-off patriot. Complete bio and pubs at http://robertdavidsteele.com

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