Advanced list of cardiology fellowship programs

Popularity of cardiology fellowship programs

Cardiology can be defined as a subspecialty of internal medicine that specializes in diseases of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels and manages complex cardiac conditions such as heart attacks and life-threatening, abnormal heartbeat rhythms. Cardiology fellowships involve recruiting some of the world`s best students and educating them to become the next generation of leaders in cardiac care and research. Cardiology fellowships equip students worldwide with cardiology skills and these fellowships can last between 3- 4 years. This is provided through hands-on clinical experience, lectures, research and classroom based learning depending on the specific programs that you apply to. Competition for the fellowship remains very high due to the increasing number each year. These fellowships are popular as many students enroll for it and according to a survey done, many people that underwent the fellowship programs had specialties in cardiovascular Disease.

10 best cardiology programs

The cardiology fellowships list of the best cardiology programs offered includes

  1. John Hopkins University Fellowship Program

It brings the best of patient-centered medicine to the Heart and Vascular Institute by offering a wide range of specialties such as Cardiovascular Disease Program, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Training Program, Interventional Cardiology Training Program. Find out more at

2. Columbia University Fellowship Program

It offers the best and unique autonomous clinic experience and is dedicated to research. Find out more on;

3. Duke University Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program

It is a three year ACGME program with an optional Fourth year of advanced training and research. It offers optional protected fourth year salary support for all interested trainees to pursue mentored research. Find out more at

4. University of Texas Cardiology Fellowship

It seeks to train future leaders in cardiology through a combination of clinical and research training. It has a unique environment consisting of 3 vibrant and diverse hospitals for knowledge advancement and research. For more information visit

5. Stanford University Cardiology Fellowship

It is a dynamic and innovative center dedicated to excellence in research, medical education and clinical care. Learn more on

6. University of California Cardiology Fellowship

The Division of Cardiology at the UC Irvine Health School of Medicine has a 3 year Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship and an advanced specialty training in a fourth year Interventional Fellowship accredited by ACGME. Read more at

7. West Virginia University Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program

It educates fellows into competent, caring and compassionate board –certified cardiologists who provide quality care to patients. The program last for over 3 years. Read more at

8. Pittsburgh University Cardiology Fellowship

It provides broad, high quality training in cardiovascular medicine. Fellows have extensive exposure to state or art Cardiovascular Imaging, Interventional and Electrophysiological techniques. Read more at

9. University of Minnesota Cardiology Fellowship

With a mission to produce the next generation of physician and innovators, the program offers educational opportunities in general and subspecialty cardiology. Read more at

10. University of Michigan Cardiovascular Fellowship Program

The fellowship nurtures innovators in cardiovascular medicine. This is through the extensive research and experience learned, in an effort to produce high quality patient care. Read more at

Tips on how to get into the best cardiology fellowship programs

In various universities country wide, some of the requirements include letters of recommendation, transcripts and a completed application form. Some of the tips on landing the best cardiology fellowships programs are listed below

  • You need to do some research to gain ideas on what you need and the specialty to follow. This can be done online or through a mentor.
  • Find mentors to guide you through the application process. This is to ensure a well prepared application for a successful selection into the fellowship.
  • Since application may take long, start the preparations and application early by getting the required documents on time.
  • Learn to follow instructions given in each program to prevent you from being left out. Simple mistakes while applying will make you be among the first to be left out.

Since getting into a cardiology fellowship is not that easy due to competition for the limited slots, only the best are chosen. Some of the must have requirements you need before you gain admission into the top universities for the best cardiology fellowships. The cardiology fellowships list includes

  • National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

Applications are only accepted through Electronic Residency Application.

Cardiology fellowships on select the best students. It is therefore paramount to have the will to engage in a lot of research. Subspecialty of Cardiology may include Echocardiography, electrophysiology, research, adult congenital, heart transplant, imaging and many more. To get advice on how to get on any one of the cardiology fellowship and get tips, please watch; If you need any form of assistance with your cardiology fellowships list as well as the best cardiology fellowship programs, reach us and we will gladly help you out.

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