And that’s why I’m air pruning my balcony garden

This is the response to an article that was first published on as a part of their live and grow blog. I found it interesting and thought I’d share my experience using fabric pots in my urban garden.

Off to Sweden

When I went back to Sweden over Christmas and New Years I left the health my garden in the hands of some friends. “Please come over and give my babies some water and love a few times a week”, I told two buddies and left the garden in the blistering Buenos Aires summer heat.

The average temperature in Buenos Aires during December and January is in the high 80's (25–30 Celsius). Needless to say the garden needs lots of water…

Returning to BA

As I returned to my apartment I was met with the image of nothing by shriveled up leaves, fallen flowers and saddest excuse of herb garden I’d ever seen. It turned out that both my friends had left the city for the holidays and forgotten completely about my garden. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have left the plants in the hands of two 20-something year old gringos who are living it up in South America for the season.

Crisis and Opportunity

After some sad efforts to save the plants I remembered that I had some fabric pots laying around. They were gifts from a friend of mine who is a cannabis grower in San Francisco. He always told me that his marijuana plants grow much better, give bigger yields and have healthier roots since planting them in fabric pots (or air pruning pots) that help aerate the roots and give the plant more nutrients.

He had just been to Santiago for a cannabis trade show and gotten a large mix of Spring Pots. He had given me a few and I had forgotten about them.

This would be a great opportunity for me to test the true power of pots to see what they could do. If they could bring my Bougainvillea and Jasmine tree, who had taken the hardest hit, back to life, I’d be sold on the Spring pots.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the plants before potting them to document the difference between before and after. But believe me when I say that they were both in a very poor state. My girlfriend and I debated if we should just throw them out and get new ones. Since we had grown them from cuttings that I had taken very carefully from my time living in Brazil, I really didn’t want to let them go.

So I replanted three plants into fabric pots. A Bougainvillea, a Jasmine tree and a Yucca.

The transformation was epic!

I replanted them 5 weeks ago and the transformation has been epic. The first two/three weeks were difficult as all the plants had lost much of their root structure and needed to focus on other things than producing bulbs and blossoms. But about 2 weeks ago I started to see amazing things.

Shoots… Shoots everywhere

Shoots all over! I had to take my clippers to the plants and start pruning big-time. They were starting to grow like crazy and it went fast.

The Jasmine is nice and snug in the Spring pot
Some of the new shoots that are all over the Jasmine

It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago this Jasmine was very close to being thrown out and left for dead.

Fabric pots are the real deal

So after trying out fabric pots for about 5 weeks I can honestly say that I’m sold. It’s my experience that in the gardening community, the best people to trust when it comes to healthier plants it’s the cannabis growers. They are the most passionate and they depend on high yields with few plants. So when a MJ grower gives you advice you take it.

I regret not taking more photos of the process to show you all but I promise to do so in the future so you can follow my journey.

Here is a link to get yourself some fabric pots to give it a shot in your garden.

Note that the plants will need to be watered a bit more often as the water dissolves more quickly than in regular pots.

Stay tuned for more news from my garden in the future :)

The start of my gardening adventure