I have been thinking a lot about this lately.
Niama S. Sandy

Jealousy? Insecurity? Greediness? The need to possess? The idea that has been bounced around for all eternity that one person is “the one”, and that your whole existence is to find that person?

I feel like we miss out so much on so many people by limiting who we love, where we love, how we love, and who we allow to love us. Nothing in life is perfect, love doesn’t always last forever, and there isn’t always “the one”. Sometimes it is the person who is near you, who you work with, who you just met, or maybe some mystery person you haven’t yet met, but that doesn’t mean you close yourself off to any and all love, either giving or receiving.

We spend a short time on this earth, we should take more opportunities to love and be loved, not less.

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