The Ladybug Coefficient Explained
Awful Pictures

My girlfriend once decided that the best way to deal with her aphid infestation in our small NYC apartment was to buy some ladybugs online. Buying 1000 of them was significantly cheaper than buying the 20 or so needed to solve her aphid problem, so she decided to buy the 1000 and offer the extras to people for free. I would have at least tried to make back my initial pay out, but that’s what separates me from my girlfriend. Instead, she releases like 100 (she tried to do less, but some just got out) and then spent the rest of her day fielding emails and phone calls from people who wanted some of her “free” ladybugs. By the end of the day we ended up driving out to Jersey City just to dump the last batch of them off to some other crazy person who wanted ladybugs.

I am sure cost wise the much more “expensive” smaller package of ladybugs would have cost us less in the long run.