#TBT: movie series I still haven’t seen.
SF Ali

OK, I have highlighted what I think are must see movies, not just good enough. I would rate any of these an 8 or more out of 10. The best of the batch is the ORIGINAL Planet Of The Apes. Literally one of the best movies ever made. The sequels are entertaining, even the horrible last one (of the original 5). Time Burton/Mark Wahlberg’s one is bad, but not nearly as bad as the rest of the later Tim Burton output. The newest ones have been pretty good as well.

Friday the 13th, again, the original only. Of the first 11 original ones, 1 and 4 are the standout ones, while I think the 10th is a hysterical guilty pleasure.

There is not one movie you listed where the a sequel or remake is better than the original, except for Star Trek, which I didn’t recommend based on the first one.

My full list is :

Planet Of The Apes

Lethal Weapon

Friday The 13th





Iron Man

Die Hard





One last point, all of these movies would benefit from seeing them on the big screen, rather than on your computer or TV, if you have one. You live in NYC, a place that has shown every one of my recommendations on the big screen in the past 5 years or less. Sign up for moviepass.com, get out of your house and try and see a movie each day, much easier to find a girlfriend when you leave the house!

I see about 400–500 films a year in theaters, sometimes I review them here :

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