I do see it as an assault, that fact is settled in the moment you start reading, the…
Favio Galvis

The problem here is that you seem to lack an understanding of some basic principles. Let’s say that you were robbed on the street, and in the robbery you were beaten and your arm was broken. There is a cost to mend your arm, doctor’s bills, medicine, ambulance, etc etc. Now let’s say your arm heals and you are walking in the same area where you were robbed and find that you start to get very upset, cannot function, and start having mental breakdowns when you get anywhere near there. THEN you need to see a different kind of doctor, one that deals with the emotions and how the brain was affected from this incident. So once again you will find yourself with more medical bills, more medicine bills, maybe even hospitalization if it gets really bad. We are very advanced when it comes to healing the body, but when it comes to healing our minds we are still in the dark ages, especially when it comes to traumatic events. Would you say the same thing to a war veteran that comes home and can’t stop seeing things and hearing voices an can’t function? Do you not think that comes with a monetary cost, especially if they can’t easily work, have to change their behaviors to function at the lowest possible level, and lose the calmness of being that they had before this incident happened?

Your comment and later comments show a lack of caring for the victim here, and a lack of understanding what it is like to be abused and have it affect your life for a long period of time. Maybe nothing in your life has ever done that to you, which would make you one of the lucky ones, but do not assume everyone is like you.