Frightening shades of Bentham’s Utilitarianism (which by the way has been used to calculate letting…
Brian Berneker

You are mistaking her own need to do the accounting on the costs of her rape with your idea of justice and the costs of it. She is not talking about justice, no one can EVER give her back the life she had before this happened. We are all a product of our experiences, but when one of the experiences is a traumatic event such as this, there are costs, whether they be emotional, physical, or monetary, that follow you your entire life from that point on. Many rape victims go over their rapes in their heads over and over again, one of the ways some people cope is to talk about it, with loved ones or therapists or online. Others create interesting ways to go over it in their heads, like calculating the costs of the event in their lives. She could just as easily started writing revenge stories about rape, or painted dark and depressing art with a rape theme, or started cutting her body in anger at the fact that her body is not 100% hers anymore. She chose to write an article about the monetary cost of her rape. It is as valid a way of dealing with it as any other way, and should not be judged nor challenged unless it is doing some actual harm to her or society. And even then, it should only be challenged in a way that would be to help HER, get her past this as best as possible, and to help her function as best as she can. Although I believe she is strong enough to handle your criticism, I do not believe she deserves this kind of criticism just because this is how she is dealing with HER issue.