Book Launch! Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

Robert Munro

I’m delighted to announce the book that I’ve been working hard on is now available! The first three chapters are out and I’ll add more throughout the year:

If you’re interested in building systems that combine human and machine intelligence, please check it out!

On a technical note, I’ve written most of the code in PyTorch (and will convert the whole book to PyTorch before the final release — one chapter is currently in Numpy). So, the code will be especially interesting for people building Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning systems in PyTorch. However, the examples will be general enough for you to understand no matter what framework or language you choose to code in!

A huge thanks to my editor Susan, and to everyone who has taken the time to read the text and give me feedback so far!

Here is the first open-source code example, a simple intro to your first Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning model:

You can leave feedback on the book forum, my github account, or in the comments here — I am open to suggestions about directions to take the book in future chapters!

Robert Munro

July, 2019

Robert Munro

Written by

Author of Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning: Coder ⇨ Bicycle Traveler ⇨ Disaster Response Leader ⇨ Stanford PhD ⇨ AI Exec. @WWWRob

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