My experience so far — Andela Boot camp

Programming is not exactly very easy. It is especially hard for beginners, those new to the art and science of programming. One has to read and understand the problem statement, break it into small problems and develop solutions to all the modules. All along following industry standards while writing your code, to make life easier to whoever will maintain your code. It is quite a task.

The most important thing one can get while new to programming is a guide. The boot camp experience has so far provided me with lots of the guidance I would need. First, there is the feedback from the learning facilitator. Without feedback, one easily gets lost. It is only through feedback that one can meet the expectations. And when the feedback is very constant, the chances of meeting the expectations are very high.

Second, there is the awesome collaboration in the boot camp. All boot campers are their brother’s keeper. When stuck, you ask for help and in no time you have all the help you need. And when you can help, you help as much as you possibly can.With a community of brilliant, determined minds by my side, the whole process has proven to be very smooth.

Lastly, my boot camp experience has had a lot to do with learning new things, most notably versioning, test driven development and checking my test coverage. These are things one may not naturally think of, but I am very glad that the boot camp has introduced me to these concepts. These things are helping me each day become more efficient in my work.