Never stop learning.

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine applied to Andela and got invited for the interview. He didn’t make it to boot camp, however. When we met later, he told me one thing: I know you, and I have known Andela a little, and it’s the perfect place for you. I applied, and I have got to the second week of boot camp.
The experience has not been exactly what I would call smooth. It is great because I love challenging myself, but it has been seriously challenging. The biggest challenge is the coding standards at Andela. I was not before used to writing tests, creating meaningful commit messages and following standards like PEP-8. I was one of those programmers who only care about having their code to work. Another challenge was writing a blog post. Never before had I ever written a blog post. The creativity required to write a great article is something I hustle very hard for.
With time, however, I’m integrating into the system. I realize the coding standards are to actually streamline the overall development process. I have lots of time learning about git, and coding standards and most importantly test driven development. I have learned that the blog posts help in improving one’s communication skills. If you can express yourself in a blog, it is easier to do the same with another person. 
The thing that has helped me the most in conquering the challenges is feedback from my learning facilitators. The code reviews and blog proofreading done by teammates is also priceless in helping me in the challenges. Bit by bit, and I am getting better day by day.

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