3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Use Online Videos for Employee Engagement

Many companies are beginning to realise the need to up the pace. The most common way to broadcast content is through massive e-mails or text messages which are a bit passé. If your company has not yet made the move to employ videos to deliver key messages to your employees, now is the time. Here are some valid reasons why you should use online videos for your content management strategy:

Online videos are easily processed by any viewer, even your employees.

Before we learned the alphabet, we already knew what an apple looked like through films and television. It is said that our brain is able to process visual images 60,000 times faster than text. Reading text often requires a lot of effort since it needs to be understood based on the context of the word, sentence or paragraph. Enterprises, whether big or small, are now making use of online videos for image and message retention, as it is the easiest way to digest information.

Online videos deliver content effectively.

Online videos are an effective means of communication. Their visual impact means that they will most likely connect with the viewers almost immediately. Making the brand more ‘human’, videos connect with the audience the same way as face-to-face interaction. Online videos can also display moving images and provide audio which can captivate the attention of your employees.

Online videos can be easily accessed.

Companies often make use of a platform so that their employees can easily access enterprise videos, even if they are in a different location. You can also record live broadcasts to allow other employees to watch the video, whether or not they are able to catch it live. It gives employees a real-time update, anytime, with work-related stuff.

Videos are powerful type of media. Rather than limiting them to entertainment, you can also use them to increase productivity within your company, engaging employees including the management and stakeholders, through online videos.

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