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Robert Elliott Smith (00:02):

By the way, can I curse in this interview?

So my dad, when I first got a job, I asked his advice about how to handle having jobs. And he said, the first thing is “don’t send me memos.”

Robert Pease (narrator):

You’re listening to The Purple Principle. And today’s featured guest is Robert Elliott Smith, Professor of Computer Science at University College, London.

Robert Elliott Smith:

And this is back before social media and back before email, even. The thing is, the further you get from face-to-face communication with another person, the more dangerous the communication becomes.1 And we all know this. It’s so easy in a memo for someone to misunderstand your meaning. When you get down to a tweet, it’s even worse. …

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Robert Pease (narrator) (00:02):

Are you concerned about the perils of polarization? Then you’ve come to the right podcast. This is A Bit of Purple, an bonus episode from The Purple Principle. I’m Robert Pease, creator and producer of the podcast. Our guest today is Dr. Dominic Stecula, an expert on political science and media at Colorado State University. Our topic is broadcast journalism, which 40 years ago may have been less entertaining, but, on balance, more fact-based, objective, and informative.

Audio Collage (archival) (00:35)

Robert Pease (narrator):

Unless you’ve been living in a cave without cable, you’ve noticed that broadcast journalism has changed. …


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