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How much do we need? 🤔

Why do we feel that some apps are hard to navigate, difficult to understand, or might be incomplete? This might be because the app is lacking smooth movements and tiny details which are a part of something we called Interaction Design✨.

Let me present you my concept of the three levels of Interaction Design.

Level One: some animations and transitions applied.
Level Two: user experience improved.
Level Three: standing out from the crowd.

Let’s try to determine how much Interaction Design we need! 🎉

But before that, let’s try to answer the question “What is Interaction Design?”

Interaction Design is about how the user interacts with a product, how information (e.g. words) appears on the screen, and how other graphic elements (e.g. shapes) support the communication. It’s about time and space, which is, for example, how long the information will be displayed. We can say that Interaction Design shapes the deep level conversation between the user and the application telling us what we can do, what’s happening now, or what is going to happen. …


Robert Raimann

UX/UI & Product Designer. New tech enthusiast.

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