Skattelister app

It all started in 2015 as a short hobby project. I simply wanted to allow anybody to access tax records anonymously. The idea was very simple: to let anybody to connect with my credentials to and search in tax records. I could not give away my password, so I wrote a small web service that works as a gateway to Skatteeetatens servers. All tax records are accessible over API.

Anonym skattelister

For testing purpose, I made also a portal I kept the design from to make my work even easier. It worked, but does not look good on mobile. So when I started to think mobile, I realised that I do not have to stop in mobile design and make an app.

Skattelister API

Skattelister app was created in one day and rest of the week I spend searching for app icon. Skattelister app is now available in Google Play

Skattelister in Google Play