Why women write about being women in tech
Tara Vox

Something has gone wrong recently.

When I started a Computer Science degree in 1981, the boy/girl mix seemed fairly equal, our clique was majority women. I changed courses after the first year, because most of Computer Science was so boring. I changed to Control Engineering, in the first year of combined Engineering out of about 90 students, there was one beautiful Greek woman and a handful of Asian women; I failed the first year due to my lack of teamwork — there was too much homework for one person to do by themselves, which, as a shy teenager, is what I attempted.

In 1985, I started a Computer Systems Technology degree, and again the boy/girl mix seemed fairly equal.

In 2009, I started an Electronic Engineering degree which was 25% to 33% women, Bio Engineering was mainly women; but Software Engineering was mainly neurotic men.

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