The emperor’s of the Bay Area job market

Technology has been evolving for the last twenty years and with it’s development the need for software engineers continues to grow. What used to seem like a futuristic study, computer science is now a realistic and applicable degree. Since the demand of software engineers is constantly out-weighing it’s supply, now is the time for these computer experts to take advantage of the job market and negotiate not just for what they would like, but for what they’re worth. Which in a time like this, can be a lot more than you think.

The rise of software engineers

The bay area is booming with job opportunities, but unless you’re a seasoned expert, finding a job isn’t always the easiest due to the substantial amount of competition; unless, however, you studied computers. In that case, the Bay area & Silicon Valley are your oysters. As the digital world unfolds with every good and service available online, the only place to really gain exposure on your product or service is via the internet — introducing the wizards behind the curtain, software engineers. These “computer whisperers,” are one of the most essential job functions in a company. If you can’t view it, download it, tweet about it, or share it on the internet, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

Aaron Crutison, Technical Recruiter at Robert Walters said, “In a society that thrives on the wheel of technology, people who are able to transition ideas into technological solutions are in demand now more than ever. Such demand allows for flexibility when choosing between which company might be the best fit for their personal and professional development.”

Negotiation Nation

When negotiating or counter-offering for a software engineering role, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of negotiables you have. These would include vacation time, commuter benefits, health benefits, work schedule, and of course, salary. One of the most trending topics amongst software engineers is the disruption of traditional work schedules.

“Software engineers, specifically in the Silicon Valley, are looking for flexibility in their work schedules. This is a great trend because leaders are acknowledging the desire and doing their best to meet that demand. These leaders are setting aside the notions of traditional 9–5’s and are establishing their own style of work/life balance that meets the needs of their employees,” said Angela Boultinghouse, Engineering Consultant at Robert Walters.

Recruiter-Care Benefits

As a recruiting consultancy with a San Francisco office that focuses solely on filling opportunities for tech start-up companies, we have a constant demand for software engineers. The role we play is that of an advisor and consultant, managing healthy expectations, we can tell you whether your expectations are too low or too high, giving you the ability to ask the hard questions openly without jeopardizing the opportunity or the professional relationship.

“Using a recruiter can provide many advantages. For engineers specifically, in such a candidate driven market, a recruiting firm can help maintain relationships with multiple companies at once, provide insight on the current market, and advise of alternative options if looking to make a career change,” Stated Aaron.

Another great thing about using a recruiting firm is the representation provided when trying to place you into a role. When speaking to a company, we are the one relaying your applicable skill set and reinstating why you would be good at the job. This is more impactful than the traditional route of applying for a job, where you simply send your resume and cover letter (which may look the same as the other hundred in their inbox) and wait to hear back.

Angela continued with, “Robert Walters prides itself on establishing personal relationships with both candidates and clients. Since companies trust our relationship with them and we understand what job profile you are looking for, your resume is easily moved to the top of the pile.”

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