Rocket Lawyer Reviews—Excellent Legal and LLC Services in 2020

When you’re incorporating a business, there are legal processes and documentation necessary that can overwhelm if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities. But, choosing the wrong online LLC service provider can mean severe penalties.

In this review, we break down Rocket Lawyer’s incorporation services, legal services, attorney advice, and benefits over other online services so you can decide if this is the right option for you.


  • Differentiated features Its intuitive form builder and Document Defense services are not offered by competitors. It also offers online legal advice and services in addition to the usual business formation services.
  • Highly experienced Rocket Lawyer has over 12 years of experience and has helped thousands of businesses with legal matters.
  • Excellent customer serviceCustomer support is accessible via phone, email and chat, and responses are prompt.
  • 7-day free trialYou can try out their service for 7 days before making a decision, but you will need to provide credit card details.
  • Good customer reviews Rocket Lawyer has stellar customer reviews to back up the quality of its services.


  • The membership plan is more expensive than competitorsThe company charges $39.99/month even though it offers more services. For comparison, Legal Zoom charges $31.25/month (annual plan) and LegalShield charges $39/month.
  • No continuity for legal advice If you want to speak to the same lawyer who gave you advice previously, you won’t be able to do so. You’ll have to speak to the next lawyer assigned and brief them about your case.

Rocket Lawyer Features & Services

Rocket Lawyer provides services beyond business formation as it has also offered both legal and incorporation services for more than 20 million businesses worldwide. Still, the company remains dedicated to helping small business owners with affordable and high-quality business filing and legal documentation.

Here are some of Rocket Lawyer’s features that make them one of the most popular companies to use for business formation.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing

Here are some of the features and services available on Rocket Lawyer’s platform and their price tag for members and non-members:

For a $39.99/month membership fee, clients can avail of the following services:

  • Create custom legal forms
  • 30-minute phone session with an attorney
  • Online Q&A with an attorney
  • Document Defense for legal documents
  • Up to 40% off regular rate when you hire an on-platform attorney
  • Form an LLC, Corp or nonprofit with the first business formation for free (excluding state fees)
  • 25% discount for registered agent service

Non-members will have to pay the following for each service:

  • $39.99 per document to create custom legal forms
  • $59.99 per 30-minute phone consultation with an attorney
  • $49.99 per question for online Q&A with an attorney
  • $9.99 per document for Document Defense
  • $99.99 to form an LLC, Corp or nonprofit
  • $149.99 per year for registered agent service

Rocket Lawyer pricing depends on whether you’re a member or not. If you need incorporation or legal services just once, you may not need to pay the $39.99 monthly membership fee. Otherwise, you may want to become a member to enjoy a range of services and features that are either free or discounted.

Intuitive Form Builder

Document Defense

Free Trial & Money Back Guarantee

Note though that this LLC business formation company requires you to provide your credit card details before you can access the free trial. This is one of the issues that customers have complained about. Many people who forgot to unsubscribe after the free period ended up getting billed monthly.

If you want to try the free-trial plan but don’t want to become a premium member yet, ensure that you cancel your account on the website. You can also contact customer support.

One-time Purchases Offered by Rocket Lawyer

Therefore, instead of spending over $300 (excluding state fees) to enjoy all services and features on the platform, you only have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99.

Customer Support

Rocket Lawyer has “on-call” attorneys of different specialties whose sole duty is to answer questions posted by clients. This is a huge advantage to small business owners who just want their legal issues resolved without spending on various resources.

Customer Reviews

Online Legal Advice

Ease of Use

The platform also provides a digital signature service to easily and quickly create enforceable contracts for your business. You will also receive guidance and legal help through each decision point. It’s possible for you to build a form within five minutes.

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Are Rocket Lawyer documents legal?

Rocket Lawyer Review Conclusion

You can also take advantage of the 7-day trial to find out if the services will be useful for your business.

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