$65 Kubernetes Cluster on DigitalOcean - Part I
Chuka Ofili

I am trying to follow installation but having difficulties to initialize master as I am getting following error

kmaster core # kubeadm init — apiserver-advertise-address=$PUBLIC_IP — pod-network-cidr=

[init] using Kubernetes version: v1.11.1

[preflight] running pre-flight checks

I0730 11:25:26.960081 3798 kernel_validator.go:81] Validating kernel version

I0730 11:25:26.960304 3798 kernel_validator.go:96] Validating kernel config

[WARNING SystemVerification]: docker version is greater than the most recently validated version. Docker version: 18.03.1-ce. Max validated version: 17.03

[preflight] Some fatal errors occurred:

[ERROR FileExisting-crictl]: crictl not found in system path

[preflight] If you know what you are doing, you can make a check non-fatal with ` — ignore-preflight-errors=…`