Millions of cinemagraphs have been created with Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS

Medium Now Supports Flixel Cinemagraph Embeds

Great news! You can now use cinemagraphs created with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS and macOS on Medium.

Medium has added support for Flixel’s high quality cinemagraph embeds. This will ensure that your cinemagraphs look fantastic as HD and 4K video. It will autoplay and loop on all devices and browsers.

No need to use low quality GIFs ― an image format that predates the Internet.

Click on any of the cinemagraphs to see them full-screen.

Cinemagraph by magicfergie
Cinemagraph by AshrafulArefin
Cinemagraph by CinePix
Cinemagraph by brandonvoges
Cinemagraph by ixhumni
Cinemagraph by robertlendvai
Cinemagraph by ThomasB
Cinemagraph by photojourneyman
Cinemagraph by szaban
Cinemagraph by ylvaphoto