“If I would have had more time, the work would be better”. That’s usually what we tell ourselves, and it’s bullshit.
Limiting Your Tools Makes You A Better Designer
Tobias van Schneider

I agree completely. My frustration as a freelancer is that clients don’t see this at all. If a client gives me a brief and tells me they have a timeframe of two months, my response will generally be “How does one month sound?”

The problem with this is they think they’re being shafted — that I’m trying to push out low quality work as quickly as possible. When in fact it’s the complete opposite. I can almost guarantee they’ll get a more precise deliverable with less irrelevant content as a result, simply because I’m not filling the time just for the sake of it.

A solution could be to potentially shelf the final deliverable whenever it’s finished in accordance to my timeframe but that brings up potential transparency issues.