The cannabis real estate industry is booming, and Detroit-based business leader Robert Shumake has joined forces with area entrepreneurs to capitalize on the burgeoning movement.

Robert Shumake, a CEO, investor, and philanthropist, recently launched a real estate funding initiative to invest in various cannabis real estate projects through the Detroit area and surrounding regions. Projects will include building and maintaining sprawling medical cannabis research, education, regulation, and growth labs that will be staffed by up to 300 people. Shumake also plans to invest in local cannabis-related businesses, such as dispensaries, greenhouses, physicians’ offices, and classrooms for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs.

Of the project’s importance, Shumake said, “Cannabis is now a billion-dollar industry across the U.S. and the globe. The Detroit area is hungry to get involved and capitalize on the growing movement. And with our ample, widely available, and affordable real estate, the area and its surrounding regions are the perfect place for the industry to boom. I plan to invest in sustainable cannabis projects that will benefit entrepreneurs and the community as a…

Global business leader and community advocate Robert Shumake has recently announced his latest project: the Home for the Holiday Bond Initiative. The initiative will help underprivileged and less fortunate people in the county and local jails in Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas, make bond in order to spend time with their families over the holidays.

This project is in keeping with Robert Shumake’s long history of advocacy for people who are trying to improve their lives but are struggling due to poverty or other issues beyond their control. “Our criminal justice system is meant to keep people safe and assumes they are innocent until they are proven guilty,” Robert Shumake asserts. …

Robert Shumake, a global humanitarian, philanthropist, community advocate, and business leader, recently announced his generous donation of a 40-foot container of clothing to a school in rural Tanzania. With the donation, Shumake continues his lifelong commitment to helping families, children, and students in need around the world.

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Robert Shumake

“Poverty and material needs are widespread in rural Tanzania, especially among women and children,” shared Robert Shumake of his desire to help in the region. “Clothing manufacturing and distribution are not as widely available in the farther reaches of rural regions. Through my foundation, the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, we are donating both outerwear and underwear for all kinds of weather, including clothes, shoes, coats, and other basic necessities. …

Robert Shumake

Robert S. Shumake guides Shumake Global Partners (SGP), an L3C enterprise with the mission “to enhance the world in which we live”. Detroit, Michigan

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