Are we Fascists yet ?

When Republicans voted to make America great again they were conned. What they got was self-serving plutocracy, corporatism, theocracy, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, nativism, and racism, the seeds of Fascism.

Trump billionaires despise democracy. So they attack, concentrate media to turn it right, defund NPR, cancel net neutrality, undermine elections by gerrymandering and making it harder for minorities to vote, pack the Courts with Corporate Supremacists who defend Citizens United and the right to anonymously donate dark money to politicians, privatize schools (this is profitable). Make student loans more expensive. Bust unions. Attack the very structure of the Constitution by breaking down checks and balances.

To pay for big tax cuts for the wealthy, remove 24 million people from health insurance. Removal of the inheritance tax may result in aristocracy. Cut meals on wheels. Corporations get what they want including rollback of Dodd-Frank. Forget anti-trust. When Republicans are in office deficits don’t matter. All of which makes the economy more volatile.

To extract more money from people, block consumer protections, oppose the CFPB, scrap the fiduciary rule, undermine weak privacy by allowing telecom to sell your data, close down Planned Parenthood. Roll Back Roe V Wade, Ignore workplace safety rules. Cut the EPA to allow Corporate freedom to pollute.

Republicans don’t believe in inalienable human rights. Hence their healthcare plan, weak privacy protection, disappearing social supports. harsh immigrant policy, renewed war on drugs, world’s largest prison population, tougher sentencing, and opposition to closure of the lawless offshore prison at Guantanamo.

As they increase the world’s largest military to fight multiple wars that you rarely hear about, expand the nuclear arsenal, militarize the police, build the world’s most invasive surveillance, but cut the State Department. Repblicans solve problems first with guns, not diplomacy.

Deny science and the coming climate disaster.

Republicans voted for this short-sighted, mean-spirited, inexperienced, contrary regime, but everyone will pay the price for it. Although Republicans share many attributes with earlier Fascists, they don’t promise to make the trains run on time.