Sales Activity Slowdown? Brush Your Teeth

Roberta Ravella
Aug 9 · 3 min read

Are your sales leads in a drowsy, sweater toothed stupor…

If sales aren’t closing as often as you’d like… the answer might lie hidden in the decision-free daze of your morning routine…

My mornings start the same: wake up, check the time, smile if I managed to sleep past 5:30 am. Go to the bathroom. Brush teeth. I can’t drink my coffee with icky breath. In the event something goes out of order, I have been known to forget. Five minutes down the road to the office. “How the heck did I forget to brush my teeth” GROSS! Lucky I always keep travel tooth brush and paste handy.

When did this habit and order of day start? I don’t really remember. My Mom used to fight with us to brush as kids. My current morning routine developed over the years made up of part comfort, part requirement. There’s no searching around for the tooth brush, or tooth paste. No wondering what type or brand to use. They may have grown up — electric round head, sensitive whitening- but all items needed for success are in the drawer, by the sink, waiting on me to find them every morning in my drowsy, sweater toothed stupor.

Your sales activity routine should be just as automatic. It may grow and pivot a bit over a year or years, but the activity(s) that drive income to your business should be as automatic as brushing your teeth.

How do you get there? Maybe the same way your parent ingrained teeth brushing into your morning/night schedule:

Figure out what applications work best for you and your sales situation

Get every step into place (absolutely every step)

Decide you are going to do it every working day (you feel a bit gross without it)

Practice it.

If you falter, remember why you are doing it.

Did you make your sales calls today? “Um, I don’t remember, it’s such a habit”. Oh, yeah, yes I did. Got an appointment and a couple of referrals.”

We all want this type of activity to be instantly perfect and frictionless. It’s not possible. Ever get in a fight as a kid about brushing your teeth? Can you imagine not doing it now? Constancy and mastery are formed over time with a squeeze of patience and encouragement.

Is your sales follow-up process as routine as brushing your teeth?

Hate flossing, but do it anyway when you think of your last filling at the dentist? Hate follow up? Think of the last time your cash flow, or lack thereof, keep you in the same frightened, tense state as that tooth filling. I just got a shiver.

Work the process with patience. You may have to change things several times to find the right ritual , something that actually works, and something that you can do every day as easily as opening a drawer and pulling out your tooth brush.

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