Infographic: Why Americans are buying more electric cars

What’s spurring this new interest in switching from gasoline powered cars to battery run vehicles? Here are a few factors contributing to the changing landscape of electric car consumption.

1. Upfront Cost

As with most major purchases, those in the market for a new car tend to rely on their personal budget to narrow down their search and for a while, electric vehicles were seen as luxury items rather than a practical, not to mention, possible solution. However, now that battery prices are decreasing by about 20% per year and the more affordable car manufacturers are easing their way into the EV making business, protecting the environment while driving from point A to point B will no longer be a privilege solely for the 1%.

2.Maintenance Cost

Aside from the initial upfront costs, EVs also have the added perk of not requiring gasoline, an expense that sets the average American back more than $1000 per year. And if you’re worried about having to replace your car’s battery, most manufacturers offer decent warranties not to mention promise a long lasting product.

3. The Environment

In the same AAA survey, 87% of the 1,004 respondents cited the environment as the number one reason for wanting an electric car. However, the report also acknowledged that “the number of Americans interested in an electric vehicle approaches the number planning to purchase a pickup truck,” which in a very general sense, means that for every driver who’s concerned about their fuel emissions, there’s another driver who doesn’t really care.

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