Did you know, using JavaScript is the most popular and simplest way to develop web apps in the browser? The magic of the Nodejs in addition to the JavaScript is that you can create on the server side too!

Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is one of the 3 major things of the www (World Wide Web). There are majority of web apps which uses it some of them are Hulu, Flickr, Paytm, WSJ, Dictionary, to name a few. Now, all the popular web browsers have a devoted JavaScript engine so as to execute it.

JavaScript is the most…

● Looking for opportunities and challenges that businesses face with implementing AI?

● Confused about whether to start AI based development or not in your business?

● How is AI imapacting your business growth and profit?

Here, in this blog, you will find answers to all such questions. Let’s start!

Artificial Intelligence is a technology for which even a layman is curious about! The reason lies in the strong tendency that it has to disrupt every aspect of life. Artificial intelligence seems to radiate enthusiasm and skepticism collectively. Obviously, in different measures!

Before that let’s look at some stats and…

If you are in the education industry and assume there’s not much to offer you in tech, you’re neglecting something crucial for your growth.

One of the top technologies that are expected to rule the entire education industry in the coming years is Augmented Reality.

Undoubtedly, AR is the most buzzed-about EdTech trend in 2019. If you look at the statistics of this industry, then you will be shocked to realize that technology in education is rising at a fast pace. Here is a graphical representation which shows that e-learning market will reach to 243.8 million U.S dollars in 2022.

If you are a startup owner or a software development firm looking for how to hire a developer, then you must have realized till now that today’s competition is fierce and not able to hire best developers can harm your business prospects. You cannot afford to build a buggy and poorly developed software if you want to achieve success in the marketplace. Therefore, you should try to build a perfect team of developers to create a disruptive and flawless software solution. In a startup, tech resources already take a big part of your budget, and you have to depend on…

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