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And Trump being the idiot he is, doesn’t even question where this moron Jones gets his info.

Now let’s look at this in a practical way. 
A candidate for president of the United States, a potential Commander and Chief of our military, the leader of the free world, should with NO doubt, ask Jones for concrete evidence of his so called theory. To take a person’s word for it, especially someone, who EVERYONE with one brain cell knows, is a conspiracy theorist, and not question his information, or the evidence needed to make a analytical decision, should NEVER be a candidate for president. But Trump never did it before with the birther issue, which Jones started, and he has not questioned his conspiracy theory on 9/11 or on the children who were massacred at Sandy hook.

How can we trust a man running for president trusting a known crazy lunatic? Think about how dangerous this is. Jones making up theories that, if president, Trump would use his executive powers to do something terrible.

This is scary folks. It is not a joke. Because God forbid, if he wins, this guy could very well be his right hand man, and who know what kind of death and destruction may occur.

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