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Fred, please do some research, you come on these posts and think that what you say is the truth. I will repeat myself again. Chicago has very strict gun laws. But those gun laws don’t work BECAUSE the guns are trafficking in from other states. In fact, THIS MORNING the national news just reported that Chicago police have confiscated thousands of ILLEGAL GUNS. LET ME REPEAT THAT , ILLEGAL GUNS THAT HAVE BEEN TRAFFICKING FROM OTHER STATES. Those states are Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Michigan. Now you can believe what you want, but FIRST and foremost they have to stop illegal guns crossing the border. And next, the have to show more of a police presence in these neighborhoods. And they MUST get control of the gangs who are the ones that buy these illegal guns. Arresting them is not working because our prisons are overcrowded and these criminals are let off by judges, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LIBERAL POLICIES. Controlling the illegal gun trafficking is the first step. If they can’t get the guns, then they can’t keep shooting innocent people.

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