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I listened to this insane man when he was on MSNBC. He was rude, obnoxious, loud, and demeaning. The commentator tried to keep him on track to answer questions, but he just kept yelling and nothing made sense because he was just ranting about different things.

Most African Americans don’t believe this man says and the reason why is BEFORE Hillary was even in politics, she was working to help black communities all over the south. If people would just research to see what she has done for the black community decades ago they would understand why so many blacks love her.

What has Trump done for them in his entire life? Oh, he denied them housing. Forgot about that one.

And for those few blacks that believe this insane man, they need to think about who would have their backs more. This crazy pastor is screaming that democrats are using blacks to get votes. Well, if you want to look at it that way, we can also say that if democrats didn’t obtain the black vote, and the voted republican, does anyone thing that the gop would bend over backwards to help them? Over the last few decades, what have the gop done to show they would help the black community? JObs? Equal rights? How about restricting their vote? How about the incarcerated rate? Hey, the gop is in charge to the congress for 2 years now and where is ONE bill that they have introduced to help the black community? So sick of lies and accusations when there is NO proof.

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