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If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, acts like a pig, then it is a pig.

Trump is not going “change”. This is who he is.

And what is ironic is that the people that support him say they like what he says, because he says it like it is. But his campaign wants him to not say it like it is. In other words they want him to fake it by pretending to be more civil.

Most common sense voters see right through this. No amount of polishing is going to help. Trump is Trump. Those that like this sort of thing, the racism, the insults, the degrading, are much like Trump. They revel in it. They LOVE that they can now insult and demean people they don’t like and trump has made that possible. They won’t change either because they don’t want to. They feel better about themselves when they insult and call names, because basically they don’t have any self esteem themselves and must degrade others to feel good about who they are. Psych 101.

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