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Obama will hold a press conference as soon as he visits LA and learns to what devastation and more resources are required. Obama had already offered his concerned WHEN IT HAPPENED. Of course you probably missed it because you don’t follow our president, ONLY if there is something that he does that you can accuse him of. Typical right wing, always full of hate and accusations.

You are so clueless it isn’t even funny. Hillary was in Flint several times. she did not hand our water bottles. She met with city officials for hours to see what they needed in resources and how they could organize neighborhoods to help those that needed help ASAP. She went back several times, but WITHOUT the press. That is who she is. But of course you would not have known that because all you right wing people wait for is some kind of negative issue to condemn her.

And apparently you did not look closely at the people or neighborhood that Trump visited. It was a upper middle class neighborhood, all white. No people of color, which is what his attendants at rallies are anyway. So please don’t placate the fact that he is for minorities, please do not insult my intelligence. And if you even kept up with what people SAID in LA, you would see that those flood victims have said that Trump was there for 5 min. handing out ridiculous stuff.

Again you right wingers LOOK for things so you can come on these posts and just push your lies, and your hate. So sick of you people.

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