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Typical of you Trump supporters to avert the negativity away from Trump and to Hillary or Obama.

Yep, Trump is a wonderful person because he took 30min. out of his day to go to LA when he was asked not to, so he could have a photo op. So let’s erase his racism, his demeaning of women, his outright insult of a disable person. Let’s just forget about all of that. Wow, you truly are a sick puppy.

The man is a nasty person. He is a liar, a cheat, and a fake.

I know first hand that Hillary did go to Flint several times to see what those people needed. I really don’t care if you believe it or not.

Obama has been informed of what is happening in LA since the flooding everyday. And I will say this again, Trump went into neighborhoods of the upper class, mostly white.

You accuse me of hate, yet you call Hillary, Hill dog. LOL, yep and I am the one who is hateful. How ironic.

I think that what is most concerning is how you defend Trump, a man who has shown through his speeches that he is a hateful person. Yet, you defend him. Maybe it is because you yourself can’t recognize hate when you see it.

Hillary is not perfect, neither is Obama. They have made mistakes, but one thing about them is they are NOT haters. And that to me is important, because picking a president is picking someone who will govern for all people, not for just one type.

But you go ahead and continue to support Trump, and to support his hateful rhetoric. Keep the blinders on if it makes you feel better. One day maybe you will see through the hate, like I did when I left the republican party.

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