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We have to have a dept of ed to oversee that all states are abiding by federal laws. The Dept of Ed sees to it that all states are equally giving all students basically the same education. This way states cannot build their own ideology into public schools. Example would be to eliminate science in favor of creation. Or choosing curriculum that is not conducive to the changing world. Many states would get rid of science and history and replace it with their own ideology. Also, funding to public schools would be reduced drastically which would hurt not only public schools, but also parochial and private schools as well since they also get federal funds. Trump is a moron, and so are his supporters because they have no clue what the DOE does, just like they have no clue what most federal agencies do for Americans. So sick of the lies and fake crap. The reason why we have so many problems in this country compared to other countries is because we have uneducated people who listen to liars like Hannity and Limbaugh and believe every word they say. Tey don’t have people like that in other countries and their citizens are well informed. Conservative talk has basically killed our information of truth and reality in this country. Sad.

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