Hollywood Broke My Heart. So I Grew A Bigger One.
Mindy Stern

Dear Mindy,

I loved your article and your story. I’m based in Rome, Italy I have a blog in Italian and English (Italian is predominant…) about literature and cinema. I would like to translate your article, quoting your name, the source, to share your story which appears to me as paradigmatic of the work conditions in the entertainment industry. I’ve been following the Weinstein’s scandal since it appeared on the American papers. Even before it became the big news it has become in the US and elsewhere, I had always thought that life in the industry must have been really really tough for women. At the moment, the media in my country are mystifing the implications of all this and are perpetuating an image of the woman as the one to blame and to doubt about, an image that is all the more falsified and indifferent to the reality we experience every day. It would be important to share experiences of working in this field. Roberta

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