Exposure — a real life solution

As human beings we don’t have much choice but exposing ourselves. We are exposed from the moment we leave our mother’s womb. From there on, there is no escape from exposure.

At first, we’re exposed to germs. Our parents try to keep us safe from those so that we won’t be sick. However, there comes a moment when the best to be done is simply exposing us to germs, because that’s how our body will build the proper protection against them.

Thus, exposure equals protection. And protection equals… lack of protection.

Weird thing is the older we grow, the more we’re afraid to expose ourselves. There’s the fear that nobody will like the amazing essay we wrote at school. We are afraid of exposing out abilities at a job interview. And then there’s the exposure we all fear the most.

L o v e.

Exposing to love is being naked.

When you let yourself expose to love, you momentarily lose all your protections. To love and to expose ourselves to love is the most dangerous kind of exposure.

We low our guards, having no idea whether we we let an enemy or an equally love being get in our castle. We just let them in, hoping for the best.

And at that moment you realize that love is not only love. It’s exposure. It’s hoping. Most importantly, it’s believing.

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