No Blue Wave For Dems

The election that had all the ingredients for a Democrat tsunami of change, fell short on the beachfront.

For the greater part of the 2018 calendar year, we were sold by the left the assured promise of a Democratic Blue Wave come election day.

And with the erratic behavior of the Republican Party, I believed it. I really did.

In hindsight while the Democrats did win the House back, historically speaking it was hardly any Blue Wave.

Trump's party in power won the most Senate seats since JFK, 56 years ago. Trump's party in power lost 28 seats which seems like a whole lot, but it's nowhere near the amount of seats Bill Clinton (54) and Barack Obama (63) lost after their first midterm elections.

With huge protests, 24-hour mainstream media attack coverage on the President, his own Twitter posts working against him (or not), and fairly unpopular policies, how is it that Trump still has a much higher approval rating than the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi??

And how did his Party manage to win Senate seats while not getting completely blown out in the House? Which by the way is only the third time in 100 years this has happened.

I think it was Trump's midterm election rally blitz where he visited 10 states in the last 5 days and over 20 rallies in the last month. Tens of thousands at each rally. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Energy.

Bernie Sanders was in town to help endorse Democrats in Colorado, and me being fairly in tune to local politics didnt even know about it. Barely caused a city blip. But when Trump comes to town, it's pandemonium. Even before he was Prez.

As an obsessed spectator of this sport of politics, this midterm has truly baffled me. I thought the Democrats were going to win back 60 plus House seats and a couple Senate seats as a sharp rebuke of the crazy unpredictable Trump administration.

Boy was I wrong.

I do not know what the Dems will have to do to stand a chance in 2020 but if Tuesday night was any indication of how much work they have ahead of them, they're in big trouble.