Am i stupid?
Ian Mutch

Spot on with the story Ian.

I also had to visit these genius’s and asked how do I delete all text from a certain person. The mulled this question over with each other for 10 or so minutes and came to the conclusion that you couldn’t do this, 2 minutes later I figured out how you could do it and showed them, to which they replied “oh yeah you can do it that way if you like” as if they knew all along. Which they didn’t.

On my first ever iPhone purchase I was one of those that noticed you couldn’t forward, reply or copy texts, yep Apple didn’t seem to pick up on this when testing them before they released. At least I think that was the problem I found with my frst iPhone, it was so long ago I can’t remember. Then I found data connection was a major problem and it turned out I had a wrong type of sim card supplied with mine. Still apple have their good point as it’s still a great phone and if your just out of warranty and you have a problem and go to the apple store they very often just replace it without questions. Now you don’t get that anywhere else.

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