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It is always amazing to read articles like this where the author has decided history is an a la carte menu where one can “pick and choose” what facts they like and not order the ones that don’t quite meet their taste.

The author seems to delight in the Nabka story but doesn’t quite find the expulsion of centuries old Jewish communities in surrounding “Arab” countries to his taste let alone documenting that the number of displaced and wealth stripped “Arab Jews” where greater in number or that absolutely zero of them where given a choice to stay (as is the case with Israeli-Arabs of the time) and participate in their indigenous country.

Nor does the author choose to mention, reflect or consider the fact that since the formation of Israel the Palestinians have had an opportunity to have a homeland but have always snatched defeat from the precipice of victory. This reality has almost always been because of their refusal to acknowledge the presence of Jews in the area at ANY TIME HISTORICALLY. A good example of this is Yasir Arafat’s deal breaker of a peaceful Palestinian state when he refused to admitt that there was in deed a first and second temple in Jerusalem prior to the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Finally to equate America’s native population to the Palestinian people is denial at its greatest hypocrisy. Europeans WHERE total foreign hordes to America, but even this author must admitt that the Jewish presence in that part of the middle east did not start, as he chooses to state, with the idea of Zionism but thousand of years prior.

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