I remember having to deal with an infidel twice in my life.I was always forgiving,I mean who goes out to hurt someone he claims he loves and come back to blame it on the devil.I remember falling deeply in love with him like my life depended solely on it.Please don’t ever think your life depends on amyone’s love or acceptance.He would go out and make a fool of me and then come back home and act like nothing happened.It hurt me so much but I never stopped loving him.
I was married to my husband for 3 years but have been together 11 years. We have 1 amazing daughter together.
I found out he cheated on me the first time when I was pregnant with our child, it completely devastated me. We decided to try to work things out and he promised he would stop all contact. 11 months later I gave birth to our child and found out not long after that he was still in contact with this other women as well as other women on chat sites and again I forgave him…. 
8 months ago I gave birth to our child and 1 week after I found out he was cheating again…..
He says he still loves me and wants to be with only me but how can I believe him after everything. I saw the messages he was sending her and the lies he was telling her about me. The worst part for me is when he would meet up with her when I was sick. 
That’s not all,I was content being the “good wife”. I had always been a very sexual person but once I married I knew I had to stop that. I was even okay with the idea because I was so in love with my husband. Till it all changed one night when everyone was asleep. I saw my husbands phone on the table and decided to just take a quick look. Omg I would never have imagined all the things I would find. He was talking to like 30 different girls on social media dating apps and Craigslist.
I became so suspicious from then on,so I hired a private investigator who helped me track him down and also someone who hacked into his office computers and I also learnt that he was stealing some money and putting them in my name.I was so pissed that I lost all the love at once and even reported him to the authorities.We got a divorce eventually and that has been the best decision of my life,I could have died.
Never let the fear of losing love make you look foolish,now I feel a lot better with my life and my daughter,I motivate young girls to never let men decide your life for you or even anybody and even vice versa.Take actions
Contact me if you need advice I am more than willing to help you towards recovery and any stage.You can do it,don’t die slowly.
My email and phone number: and +1352–578–3350

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