Finding Shiva Shambo

As I sit at the kitchen counter working on my novel, a large Native American drum catches my eye. Arid desert air offers a comforting breeze. A white sheepskin rug (killed organically and gluten free of course) covers the bamboo flooring.


Sweeping ivy snakes around the porch. Trees border the view, encapsulating this majestic red rock mountainscape:

I search for something other than silence. There’s a sound system in the living room, but it only takes CD’s.

A John Mellencamp CD, a few French vocalists, a Sting album, and something that looks spiritual as fuck: Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo

Oddly, the only CD that will work is this ancient Sanskrit prayer.

Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo is a chant to call forth the most auspicious form of Shiva. It’s a healing and transformative chant. It’s known to bring about boons, blessings, and immense success.

Shiva is a direct translation for he who promises bliss. This song will pull bliss into your soul.

Like a good set of Hindu prayer beads, there are 108 auspicious names of Lord Shiva. Shiva Shambo is the most auspicious of these.

I’m renting an AirBnB from a living Shaman woman. She leads others on modern-day vision quests. It’s her calling.

Everything about this space feels sacred. While she is traveling for many months, the energy is pervasively graceful. Her magic, the house’s magic remains to welcome fellow seekers.

I press play and return to my work. A glimmer of hope that this “background” music will hold my focus.

The enchanting lull casts a spell over the sanctuary’s dorm rooms. The reverberations weave into every cell of my body.

To me, it feels like the god of joy is removing all the hatred, pain, loss, and negativity that exists within. Like some rich alchemical glamour I’m compelled to meditate within this prayer.

Further research prescribes this exact chant for transformation. It raises your consciousness into blissful radiant joy.

This magic is not for the faint of heart. But, if you are seeking a healing chant, potent meditation, or simply want to explore alternative medicine, you’ve found it.

Shiva Shambo on Spotify

The Hindu wisdom is that self-realization is the most auspicious thing that can happen to you. It’s the time when you reach the highest within yourself to realize who you truly are.

Whether you are a vegan priestess, a soul searcher from Idaho, or a stressed out prince looking for relief beyond your startup doors, Shiva Shambo will grant you some sort of peace.

Until next time.