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Writing For Publication

In the previous week, I submitted publications to a medium page titled The Mission. This was an easy task because this publication deals with how to do things effectively. It was easy finding this publication I did a Google search for the “Top 10 Medium Publications” and The Mission was one of them. This site is based on writers who have gone through something and grown from it. The first post I submitted to them was 5 Tips For Being A Successful College Student. In this post, I talked about my journey through college and some tips I learned along the way that helped me to be successful. Another post I submitted to them for review was titled How To Study Effectively. In this post I talked about the best way to study. This publication was great for me because I am one for telling people how I made it through tough situations.

The challenges I had were picking topics that would Affect the readers. I wanted to talk about something that people needed to know about. I chose my first topic because I am senior and college and I know the outs and ends of college. I wanted to help the younger college students succeed like I have in college. I chose to talk about studying in my second post because many students don’t know how to study correctly. Procrastination is one of the deadliest things when it comes to college. I wanted to aid in getting rid of procrastination by giving tips on how to study effectively.

Through this experience, I have learned that helping others is a part of who I am. Publications like The Mission aid in helping many people with different everyday struggles . I will be looking in the future into other publications that I can add my expertise to and continue help my community.

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