Screen Vs. Paper

Digital Vs. Analog

Screen Vs. Paper

Since the dawn of the computer there has always been a war between the screen and paper. With the ability to use word processing software the old fashioned way of pencil and paper, began to become absolute. This is also true now with the ability to post documents and have millions of people view them. The two crucial ways digital platforms differ from paper is that 1. You are able to post documents on any site and have people to look at them and 2. you don't have to worry about the high cost of ink and toner.

With sites like Medium, Blogger, and tumblr, you are able to post your work for all to see. This makes it easier to get your work published and out their to your target audience. With little to no cost you are able use sites such as the one’s stated above, to post your work out there. This method makes sure your post get out there in a timely manner. The paper version of sites like this would be a newspaper, But it would take longer for people to receive your information. How many times have you read your favorite writers column and had to wait until the next day, week, to read there next issue. Writing on the screen allows the writer to post more frequently and the reader to stay connected with the writer.

Writing on the screen reduces the price for ink and toner. The New York Times Company spends about $63 million per quarter on raw materials. The New York Times also spends about $644 million per year on delivery. Writing on the screen eliminates these costs. If you use a free platform like Medium there is no cost and you can post as frequent as you want to. With the ability to publish as soon as you finish, you eliminate the need for a deliverer. Although the New York Times Company publishes and delivers a newspaper, they have a website as well were they post everything from the newspaper.

Writing for the screen is the most economical and free way to publish your works. Using this valuable asset to promote yourself will give you the best results. Newspapers are still being sold today, but even the local newspapers have a mobile site. If you want to be able to post frequently and reach your audience, and cut down on the cost of ink and delivery, the screen is the way to go. The reason I know is because you are reading this post on a screen.

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