The Essentials of Passing

Writing For Digital Media

Follow The Rules

The age old question that many college students ask about a course is “when will I ever use this?” This was a true question that I had about the class Writing For Digital Media instructed by Gerald Lucas. I have learned a lot about this course from how to contact the professor, to a list of assignments and things to complete the course. All the information needed was placed on the course website. Things that were placed on this website were the requirements for the course, each lesson we will complete in this course, and a detailed calendar equipped with dew dates and information for how to complete the assigned task. I’ve learned that it’s important to be about a week ahead in this course because of the caliber of work needed for each week. I’ve learned that the best way to contact my professor is through slack and to not expect a response after 5pm on weekdays or on the weekends. Another question that many students ask is “how can I do well in your class?” My instructor lays out the best way to do well in his class. One of the first things he says that would allow me to do well in his class is:

1. Learn With Enthusiasm
It is important for me as a student to engage in the learning process thought this course. Not be afraid to think outside the box and go the extra mile. Being engaging will help to move swiftly through the hard assignments.

2. Do All of the Assigned Work
It is also important for me as a student to complete all my work on-time and to the best of my ability. A professor cannot grade or give credit for what is not turned in. We have to understand that it is ok to fail. How will you improve if you don’t fail? So doing all assignments and lessons is another step that will guarantee success in this course.

3. Show Your Sources
It is very important that I cite every source I post in anything I post online for this course. You actually can get in more trouble not citing sources. It is important to show that we know what we are saying by showing evidence from other people that are experts on the field.

With the above tools and my overview of the course, I should be able to pass this course and leave with a new skill set.

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